The End of a Long Winter

Me at Hamilton College viewing Grace Brown's love letters. This photo also appeared in the Observer-Dispatch

Me at Hamilton College viewing Grace Brown’s love letters. This photo also appeared in the Observer-Dispatch

It is just so hard to believe that just last Monday, it was snowing outside on account of a Noreaster weather system that hit the area, and now today it is almost summer outside. At long last, the long winter is over and spring has finally arrived.

I for one am glad that the winter that everyone thought would never end actually did. I am certainly not going to miss the Valentine’s Day blizzard we had this winter, not to mention my assault at work the week after. It seems like every winter something bad happens. I still don’t know for certain what happened to the guy who assaulted me. For all I know, he’s still in jail. I still have some lingering pain in my right hand from where I got hit with the baseball bat, but other than that, I have fully recovered and am back to work at full duty. Of course the whole process of me getting restored to full duty took over a month.

However, not all things that happened to me over the course of this long winter were bad. I did get to go on the Heart Walk with my mother down in Utica in early March. It was the first time in seven years that I had competed in such an event. The last time I did the Heart Run, I was employed by Grand Union in Rhinebeck and the event was held in Poughkeepsie. And as a leftover thread from my involvement in last year’s American Tragedy Centennial commemoration, I also attended a ceremony at Hamilton College where the diary of famous murderer Chester Gillette was donated and I ended up in the newspaper again.And last but certainly not least, I found a secondary place where I can operate my blog sites until I can get my new laptop Internet-ready. In fact, that is where I am right now: In the library at Herkimer County Community College. The upside is that I get more computer time and I can use Myspace again so I can reconnect with old friends and possibly meet new ones and maybe find “the one.”

Now that the long winter is over with, I can get back to work on my book, which I had to put on hold because of everything that has happened. I am optimistic that I can complete it and get it out by next year. Aside from working on my book, my plans for this summer are incomplete, except for the fact that I may go and see “Spider-Man 3,” which is due out in just eleven short days, and “Transformers,” especially since they were such a big part of my childhood and it really looks good.

And hopefully this summer, I will be able to operate online from my own home without having to go anywhere. The possibilities are endless.


Have you ever had the suspicion that you are feeling restless because you are not getting what you want or you’re not getting what you want fast enough? Well, I get that way pretty much all the time, especially when it comes to trying to get a date and it has led to some endless lonely nights and it has been like that ever since my school days.

Of course, for someone in my position, a guy who cannot drive and works a shift that doesn’t really permit him to have a relationship or even go out on one date, it can be very excruciating. And let’s face it. I am not getting any younger. I am 29 years old, which is not a very good age for a guy to have never been out on a date.

Before the Internet came around, it used to be easy for a guy to get a girl to go out with him. Now it is much harder than ever and I am living proof of that. If the Internet did not exist, there would be a very good chance that I would be spending the rest of my life alone, and that is not very tempting.

There have been times that I came close to getting someone. Of course I mentioned the time that I almost went to the prom in my freshman year. There was one before that. It happened when I was in seventh grade when I almost went to a school dance (just a regular dance, nothing formal) with a girl in my class. Unfortunately, she was sick and ended up not going. I ended up going alone. Then, towards the end of my trip to Puerto Rico during my “historic” junior year, I met a girl who was on vacation in Puerto Rico and was also from the States. I got her address and everything, but I never heard from her again.

There is just so many to name but it is probably too complicated to list them all. Then I found out that things were even more complicated than they were in high school in that respect. At one point, I considered giving up trying. That was my New Year’s resolution for 2002, and it was one I managed to keep for about two or three years. Until then, I had discovered the Internet and email. I had been on a couple of dating sites, including of course Myspace, and I found out that women are more willing to talk to me online than they do offline.

I guess that my restlessness can also be blamed on the era we live in, where everyone is either online or on their cell phones text-messaging. But as the old saying goes: “You have to do what works for you.” And I am doing that.