The Lake

South Bay, Big Moose Lake. This photo was taken by the Herkimer County Historical Society in 2006.

Another vacation has come and gone and now I am back to work again. Well, anyway, allow me to bring you up to speed on what happened during the last few days of my vacation.

On Saturday, I finally went up to Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks. It was really beautiful up there. We ate lunch at Big Moose Inn which was right on the lake so we got a good view of the lake. Of course, the main reason for me going up to the lake was mainly because of my ongoing work with the Gillette Case and my book. I even went out on the lake and viewed the spot where Grace Brown died over a hundred years ago as well as Covewood Lodge, where her ghost was sighted that led to the famous Unsolved Mysteries episode that dealt with the story. And in case you guys were asking this question, I’ll just say for the record that I did not see Grace’s ghost while I was up there. I was only up there for the day.

Grace Brown.

Grace Brown.

By the time I went up to the lake, I knew that it was almost one year to the day when I went down to visit Grace in South Otselic, her hometown, which is about an hour and a half from Herkimer. I still haven’t forgotten that trip, mainly because of an event that had occurred while I was on the property of her old farm house. As I was passing an apple tree, I began to feel as though Grace was nearby. As soon as the feeling started to hit me, I immediately remembered a photo I saw in Craig Brandon’s book, Murder in the Adirondacks, which had a teenaged Grace standing in front of an apple tree.

While I was in the tour boat, which was appropriately named the Grace, I spent some of the tour looking to see if I could see her ghost up there, but I did not see her probably because it was either still daylight out or it was the fact that I was not alone. My folks were up there with me. Maybe she is waiting until I go up there alone.

In a way, the Adirondacks were more or less unchanged especially on the car ride up. The view was pretty much the same as it might have been when Grace traveled up through the Adirondacks by way of train with Chester Gillette by her side. Of course the only real difference is that Route 28 now goes through the woods. And as you go through Old Forge, it looks more like the county fair than a typical Adirondack town.

Now I normally have a site that is devoted to Grace that I could have put this on, but since this tied in with my regular life, I figured that I would put this story in here. After all, she has been a pretty big part of my life for the last two years and still is. Grace’s death is truly “the murder that will never die.”

Here In The Real World

The other day, I was reading an article in the advice column in the Fusion newspaper, which is basically a free newspaper from the publishers of the Observer-Dispatch. In that article, a person was complaining about how good things happened to bad people such as the bad guy getting the much sought-after promotion at work and marrying a person that he/she did not deserve and so on. I thought that the article was really interesting. It is very rare that I actually read newspaper articles that actually make me think because in a way, I deal with issues like this on a daily basis.

In fact, I spent nearly my whole life dealing with issues like this. I too have to deal with work issues, dating issues (as in lack of getting a date in my case), success issues, and so on. Who doesn’t in today’s world? It’s like they say, “Chivalry’s dead.” And of course I do believe that life is unfair. I probably know that better than most.

It also reminds me of Alan Jackson’s first song, “Here in the Real World,” which was released in 1989. In that song he compares real life to life in the old cowboy movies where the boy always gets the girl and good always wins. Everyone, myself included, wants life to be that way, it’s not that easy in the real world where everything is in reverse.

But then again, good things can happen, even if they don’t happen fast enough. Wait a minute, did I say that? Of course I have a rep for being impatient because my life isn’t going the way I want it to and I have good reason to. The biggest reason is the fact that I am not getting any younger. Something has got to happen soon.