Blackcatloner at the Heart Run

I figured since this event is coming up again, I figured I’d dedicate this latest vlog to the America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk in which I show off some footage that I shot for YouTube last year when I took part in the Heart Run last year in Utica. The Heart Run is happening again this year and I am once again taking part in it. In fact I have begun taking pledges online and I set up donation links on my blog and Facebook pages.

Calling Mr. Safety

In a reedited video I originally did for YouTube in 2008, I decided to make a telephone call to YouTube star Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams, best known for making the “Mean Kitty” videos and whom I have cited as the man who influenced my YouTube career. This video was part of an interactive phone game video he put forth back in late 2008, but this version was one that I redid last summer.

My main motivation behind reediting the Mr. Safety video was mostly due to the fact that Cory was getting married at the time and I wanted to make a video to commemorate the occasion. However, the only answer that I could come up with was to do an extended cut of a video that I did before. I was planning to do an extended cut anyway for a DVD collection I was working on at the time so it all worked out.

Among the extended scenes that I added included scenes of Cory going crazy and blaming it on his ADD. Also included is an exchange about haters and features a cameo appearance by Old Blue, a cat we had over the summer but now is long since gone. That scene was perhaps one of the most random moments in the video, especially since Cory is best known as “the guy with the cat.”