Blackcat Riffs: Girls Beware!

In my latest riff on a public domain educational movie, I tackle the 1961 movie, Girls Beware, which I guess is supposed to be a companion piece to the infamous anti-gay movie Boys Beware (both were filmed as police videos) where the movie warns girls against the dangers of teen pregnancy and running off with older boys.

All riffs I do are of movies that are found in the Public Domain at

Blackcat Riffs: Health- Your Posture

Here’s another new thing I’m doing: A series of riffs I like to call “Blackcat Riffs.” Here I riff on old-school educational movies that are available through the Public Domain (meaning I don’t have to worry about copyright infringement) at

First up: I riff on the 1953 classic film “Health- Your Posture” which I believe the alternate title should be “Kristen Stewart- The Early Years.” Watch the video and you’ll see why.