Blackcat Riffs: Boys Beware!

I know that this one has been riffed to death, but there’s always something new to riff about. In this case, I am riffing on the infamous anti-gay movie, Boys Beware.

Blackcatloner Reviews Star Trek Into Darkness

Today I review JJ Abrams’ latest installment of his rebooted Star Trek franchise where the crew of the Enterprise battle Benedict Cumberbatch.


Blackcatloner Reviews Iron Man 3

Iron Man’s back and better than ever in a movie that’s a huge improvement over the unimpressive Iron Man 2. Also you’ll get to hear some thoughts about trailers for upcoming movies from Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel to the teaser trailers for the upcoming Thor and Hunger Games sequels. Plus you’ll get to see my new intro for the Blackcatloner Reviews show.