If I Were Pluto…



If I were Pluto, I would be pissed off about not being a planet anymore. I mean, come on. I have been labeled a planet for years and years only to have it taken away? What the hell? Talk about a major buzzkill. I wanna get on the horn with the idiot scientist who made that decision about me not being a planet and tell them that size doesn’t matter and to give me my title back.

I mean how would they feel if I discovered Earth wasn’t a planet? They would be a little pissed off too. But hey, who am I to argue with men of science? After all, they know best. Nobody really paid any attention to me when I was a planet so what makes people think that they would pay attention to me now that I am the outcast?

See where I am getting at here? That’s the story of my life. I don’t get any respect no matter what I am.


The following was a short story based on a journal entry I wrote for my Creative Writing class way back in my first semester at Herkimer College. At the time it was widely debated as to whether or not Pluto actually was a planet as I was originally raised to believe. I guess it is a debate that goes on to this day.

Three Down, One to Go

Well my third year at Herkimer College has come to a close and my first year as a New Media major which now means that I have one year left before I graduate next year.

It was by no means an easy task especially since my laptop needs a new battery which hurt me as far as my online classes went but I still managed to get everything done even if it meant I had to use the library to finish up everything including my Communication Arts Portfolio which you hopefully saw in my last post. As far as grades go, all I know is that I passed Communication Arts Portfolio and I’m looking at either an A or an A- in Social Media for my work on my social media platform in an attempt to raise awareness for Net Neutrality. If you want to check out my blog for that the link is here:

  • http://netneutralityawareness.blogspot.com
  • So with my laptop troubles, that also means that I won’t really be making any new videos for a while until I can get a battery. So that means that I will have to go back to old-school blogging for a while. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any new projects in the works. For a while, I have been considering creating a short story blogsite where I can post my short stories. I actually came up with that idea when I was tweaking my Social Media Stranger short story that I wrote in my English II- Lit class and that I later posted on here for all to read. I’ll have more on the short story site as the summer continues. And as soon as I get my laptop working again and start working on videos again, I will let you know.

    And speaking of which, I am enjoying the lovely weather that we have been having for the last two weeks which is proof that summer has arrived at last and you know what that means: Another year of “hot weather, hot chicks,” which is my philosophy as far as summer goes. So hopefully the summer will be successful.

    Well that is kinda all I have for now. I just wanted to keep you up to speed on what I have been doing and hope to see you all soon.

    Check Out My Portfolio on Behance!

    Hey, everyone. Just stopping by to share something with you today. Throughout this semester at Herkimer College, I have been taking a course called Communication Arts Portfolio where I have to post all of the projects I have done throughout my time in the Communication Arts New Media major. However, since I still have one more year to go in the major (I graduate next year because I changed to New Media from Radio/TV Broadcasting) I also threw in some of my Radio/TV Projects as well including some Audio projects from my Audio Production class and an audio project about how Twilight ruins relationships (which as you all know I later turned into a video.)

    And since I have been encouraged to make the profile public, I will enclose a link to it here: http://behance.net/timhaines

    So I hope you will check it out.