HCTV Channel 99 News Promo- Creative Video Techniques Project 2

The second post for today is my other finished project that I did for my Creative Video Techniques class and this one was a promo I did promoting the opportunities that Radio/TV Broadcasting majors have using the HCTV Channel 99 studio up at the college and includes interviews with three students who are part of the HCTV Channel 99 crew offering advice to people who are interested in pursuing Radio/TV Broadcasting at Herkimer.

Both this video as well as the previous video I just posted can be found on my YouTube channel which I like to call my Google Plus channel which is more or less under my real name contrary to my number one rule in my How to Survive on YouTube video not to reveal your real name (unless it is in some way marketable) but since I am going professional so to speak I think that it is time to start using my real name. The channel is listed as Tim (Blackcatloner) Haines and as soon as I get my new laptop that channel will be the home to my out-of-character vlogs that I started on Blip.

If you want to subscribe to the channel, here is the link:

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/TBlackcatlonerHaines
  • Thanks and enjoy.

    App Buster 2000 Commercial- Creative Video Techniques Project 1

    This post will be dedicated to showing off my two Creative Video Techniques projects that I finished last semester at Herkimer College. Both were completely edited with Avid Editing Software, the same editing software used for movies and TV shows. Probably as soon as I get my new laptop which will be closer to the start of next semester in August.

    The first video that is posted above is a video I did where I had to do a 30-second commercial for a fake product and I chose to do one on a product called the App Buster 2000 and its purpose was supposed to be that it would be used to block annoying Facebook app requests.