RIP Leonard Nimoy

Today we lost an iconic legend whose career has impacted the lives of people all over the world and I am saddened beyond words so I figure I’d take some time out of my busy schedule at school to post this really quick blog to pay my respects to Leonard Nimoy. RIP Spock and live long and prosper. :(

Super Bowl/Fanboy News/Man of Steel Review/Introverts/College Updates

Here’s the latest all-new Blackcatloner episode where I offer my thoughts on the Super Bowl, the latest line of commercials that includes the controversial “Dead Kid” commercial from Nationwide, some fanboy news on three upcoming movie reboots, my long-awaited YouTube review of Man of Steel, a look inside my latest semester at Herkimer College and I also include a segment which is based on a report I did for a class last semester on introverts.

An interesting thing of note is that the segments where I talk about the Super Bowl and the developments as far as the fanboy news goes I did completely unscripted.

Next week: My special Valentine’s Day episode.

2015/Star Wars/Back to the Future Part II Predictions/Revival/Smoking is Bad

My debut hour-long episode of vlogs that I have been meaning to get to but haven’t gotten around to. First up, how 2014 went for me, a new segment where I talk about the Stephen King novel Revival, my thoughts on the Star Wars: Episode 7 teaser trailer, what Back to the Future Part 2 got right and wrong about 2015, an anti-smoking rant, and a couple of reshot videos including a video on how to survive on YouTube, the return of Mr. HaterĀ and more.

Hopes for the Future

Me after getting my new laptop.

Me after getting my new laptop.

Even as I write this blog post, I am sitting in Burger King in Herkimer with a less than 50 percent battery charge on my laptop but I had to get this post out in order to close out 2014 and welcome in 2015, even though this is the 2015 that wasn’t promised to us in Back to the Future Part 2. For example, we have no flying DeLoreans; no hoverboards; no self-fitting/self-drying jackets and no remote-controlled weather. However, I can’t really dwell on that now (especially with so little battery power left) so I’m just gonna get this out now. So anyway, here we go.

To start off, 2014 was an okay year. It wasn’t really a good year for me as far as making videos went primarily because I started the year off with laptop troubles so it was sort of difficult for me to get as many videos out as I wanted to. And to make matters worse, my original plan to only upload videos to my Blip account backfired when Blip finally decided to pull the plug on my channel there. So I found myself back on YouTube where I had to upload mainly reedited videos that I produced for Blip. I think I only did one original video this year and that was my dual movie review of The LEGO Movie and the remake of Robocop. However, providing that I don’t collapse under my mounting workload this coming semester I am starting to get back to video production.

However during my down time from video making and most notably after my previous laptop crashed, I found the time to get back to what I originally planned to do before I started up this whole Internet thing: Writing. I found some time to post some of my short stories that I wrote for my classes at Herkimer College on here and if I can find the time I will be posting some more original short stories this year.

School is going fine again although I did a bit overwhelmed toward the end with my huge workload but that is to be expected since I took five classes last semester. However I made it through like I usually do even though I did not make the Dean’s List this past semester. I’m taking four classes next semester and I am also taking another course during the winter break, which is an algebra course that I need in order to take my math course next semester. As far as where I am going to college to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media is still up in the air as of late but I will update you on that as the year progresses.

I also didn’t really get a chance to go to the movies this year or do a whole lot outside of writing and schoolwork, even though I went to see The LEGO Movie and Robocop as well as going up to the college to see The Expendables 3 for free. It was all right, but it was way too watered down. They should not have given that movie a PG-13. I hope to get out and see more movies this year since there are so many I want to see in 2015 like Avengers: Age of Ultron; Terminator Genisys; and of course Star Wars: Episode 7- The Force Awakens. The teaser trailer for the latter looks really good and I am glad that JJ Abrams wanted to make this movie in the style of the original unaltered trilogy. And I definitely have to see it so I can do a video review on it.

In fact I’ve got quite a few videos planned. There will of course be more movie reviews, more riffs, more vlogs and the one video I have been working on for the course of this week: My 100th Video Upload Compilation. Notice that I said 100th Video Upload as opposed to 100th Vlog. I hope to hit that milestone this year but we’ll see how things go.

And so I have to post this now because my battery is still decreasing rapidly and I have to get this shared right away. So goodbye 2014 and I will see you in 2015. Happy New Year, everybody!